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Carol Rae Coyotes – PTSO

Supporting the CRRE mission and educational success of our students.


Looking to send a thank you to your child's teacher and run out of ideas?  Look no further.  Our teachers have shared favorites and not so favorites with us and we're here to share the inside scoop.

2nd Grade

Tiffany Anderson

Tammy Padilla

Dawn Rissi

Susan Rueckle - Global Academy

3rd Grade

Cami Cohrt

Kaysi Gerber

Connie Stenson

5th Grade

Stephanie Grimmer

Sondra Murray


Building Blocks

3s Ema Ouano

4s Heather Schnell


Thea Hansen - Principal

Debbie Lopez - Administrative Assistant

Leslie Garbis - Attendance Specialist

Elizabeth Compiseno - RN

Roger Tannehill - Building Coordinator

ALP - Gifted Education

Karin Camptell

Vanessa Salas-Closs

Paraprofessional Specialists

Monique Hunt 

Special Areas

Kecia Sweeney - Art

Roger Anderson - Band

Carolyn Wilson - Music

Caitlin Corbett - Strings

Cherie Naumann - Physical Education

Teresa Miller - Librarian

Karrie Kepler - Reading Specialist

Krissi Fleming - Reading

Jode Paladino- Social Worker

Special Education

Sheryl Grothe - Spice 1 Primary

Teresa Palermo - Spice 2 Primary

Kristin Qualls - Spice 1 Intermediate

Gabrielle Rullamas- Spice 2 K/1

Samie Soisson - Spice 2 Intermediate

Meredith Tobar-Pham - Spice 1 K


Allison Hushek - Resource Teacher - Primary

Molly Lancaster - Resource Teacher - 5th & 6th

Addie Lafferty-Beakley - Speech & Language Pathologist

Kathy Sawyers - Speech & Language Pathologist

Lindsey Parkhouse - Speech & Language Pathologist