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Letter to the parents of kindergarteners

Dear parent of a kindergartner,

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!   And welcome to one of the most emotional, exciting, overwhelming days of your child’s life.  While it may look like the rest of us already have all the answers (drop-off rules, school supply list, teachers calling us by name on the playground), we’ve all been here.  And we’d like to share a few simple ways to feel in-the-know and empowered now.

ASK.  Not sure about something?   Ask your teacher.   Ask any PTSO member you come across (we’ll usually be wearing PTSO t-shirts to help you identify us).  Meet the Teacher night can get hectic, so know that your teacher will give you an email address and mean for you to use it when you have a question about what’s happening.    PTSO maintains a Facebook page to ensure parents know beforehand about school events and happenings.  Be sure to join and comment if you have a question – we are here to help!

CONNECT.  PTSO has you covered on your very first day.  Join other kindergarten parents at our BooHooWooHoo Breakfast for a treat and the chance to interact with us and each other.  It’s the perfect place to get guidance on anything you may be wondering about and don’t know who to ask.  Plus, remember your child will have countless birthday parties and school functions ahead, so this is an excellent opportunity to learn the first names of the people you may spend hours with in the future! PTSO continues to host events all year long and we are always looking for volunteers to assist us with your time, money and/or skills, no matter how much you have of any of those.  Think you don’t have time, but wish you did?  Bring your family to one of our Restaurant Spirit nights and you will be donating while feeding your family. And kindergartners LOVE seeing their teachers and classmates while out to dinner.

ENJOY.  As impossible as it sounds now (before school has even started), this year will end up passing in a flash, so be sure to enjoy all the moments!  Definitely spend the time being amazed at the amount of information your little one’s brain is absorbing, the growth of vocabulary, and sense of wonder as looking at a book turns into reading the words.  We hope that you allow us to be there to share the joy when you and your son get spooked inside our Monster Mash “Haunted House” and to help cheer your daughter on as she completes laps at our Fun Run fundraiser!

Our first PTSO meeting is Tuesday, August 28th at 7pm in the library.

See you soon,

Your PTSO family